Wildcat Fuel

Wildcat Fuel


Youngblood Performance 30 was designed for the hardcore 3D flyer in mind. Where our standard HELIMIX 30% was designed to maximize torque and provide ultra smooth FAI competition type flying, our new YP30 was designed for high head speed and ultra 3D flying. YP30 contains 23% synthetic oil.



“I am always looking to improve the products that I fly.  So I was happy to team up with Wildcat and Klotz to take helicopter fuel to the next level.  In designing our new fuel, our objectives were clear:

  • Design a superior oil that would smoke less in full powered flight but still properly lubricate and protect the engine.
  • Create a fuel combination that would give the most punch for high revving 3D but still be easy to tune for the beginner.

We succeeded with Youngblood Performance 30 . . . we think you will be impressed!”


Instruction Manuals: