The Total G is intended for everyone, from beginner to advanced 3D pilots.


  • 4 Physical Processors
  • Built-in pirouette optimization
  • High-Voltage Power bus (4V – 10V)
  • Supports up to 3 external satellites (10 channels)
  • Supports 120, 140 and mechanical mixing systems
  • 450 – 800 sized helis (Nitro & Electric)
  • 45mm x 34mm x 15mm
  • ~ 20g


  • Flight Control is a 3-axis, ultra-stable unit, allowing you to remove the flybar from your model.
  • Tail Gyro is easily fully programmable, based on the award-winning Solid G & Mini G gyros.
  • Throttle Governor has been integrated into the flybarless control unit (an industry first).  Governor based on the award-winning ActiveThrottleGovernor, and can be used in nitro and electric models.
  • Servo Bus supports 4 – 10 volts on all standard and high-voltage digital servos.
  • Receiver Compatibility allows the unit to work well with both satellite and external receivers.
  • 4 Physical Processor Technology is the key to the Total G’s success.  Other systems bog down while processing data inputs while the Total G provides you with the instant and precise power of 4 processors.
  • Computer Interface (mini USB adapter included).
  • G-View2 (button G-View) compatible.
  • Transmitter-Adjustable control rates/stick response, flight control, gyro and gains.
  • Conventional external receiver installation (up to 7 channels).
  • Selectable tail servo type.
  • Circular Swashplate Algorithm prevents binding.
  • Integrated Wiring Diagram for external receivers.
  • Compatible with standard and multi-bladed heads.
  • Readily Available, pre-programmed model updates


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Uninstall any previous versions of the Total G software before installing version 2.00.

It will NOT uninstall itself or install over the older version.



V2 Release Notes:

There have been several changes made for release V2. The most notable are listed below:

  1. This version has an improved “Auto” pirouette mode. If you mechanically setup, Trim and CG the machine as described in the instructions we recommend now running the “Auto” Pir Comp for better pirouette performance.
  2. We fixed a gain problem that occurs with some radios. The gain and stops could work incorrectly. Some people were fixing their issues by running the FC Gain in “Gview” mode. The flight control should now work well with all radios when using the Aux channel.
  3. We changed the logic for general cyclic control. This gives a more linear feel. Related to this note you now set control limits during setup at 11 degrees maximum (instead of the old 14 degrees)
  4. When you install this firmware, it will force a change in several parameters like rate and heading gains in the “Background Settings”. This was done because of the logic changes in the cyclic controls. Basically some of the numbers people were running with the old program might cause problems with this software. To prevent this, it now defaults to a safe level.
  5. We added separate Response Match for aileron and elevator to make for more linear control response and stops on aileron and elevator.

Note – the Total G setup videos below are generally still correct. For exact setup numbers please defer to the full setup instructions. The video has not yet been updated for V2. But it is still about 98% correct and watching to learn how the Total G setup proceeds.



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Why would a modeler want to fly flybarless?
Removing the flybar enables you to reduce weight and drag, increasing the stability and overall performance and responsiveness of the model.  The machine will be able to fly faster and autorotate better than a conventional flybar model.

Why would an electric machine benefit from a governor if at all?
ESC’s often cannot keep up with the ever-evolving electric motor industry.  The governor allows you to further setup the motor for optimal performance.