Rave Ballistic 635

Rave Ballistic 635

  • Thinner and smaller profile frame layout. Lighter weight, with the standard Ballistic bolt pattern. Cross compatibility with entire Ballistic line.
  • New, lighter and less expensive Autorotation unit. Standard Ballistic bolt pattern while saving weight and cost. Compatible with all Ballistic main gears.
  • Shorter Tail setup/assembly to fit 635 layout
  • Lighter carbon fins and bracket. Standard Ballistic bolt pattern. Cross compatibility with entire Ballistic line.
  • Fully upgradable to Machined Helical main gear
  • Fully upgradable to Steel Helical tail gears
  • Electric Specific design
  • Sliding Battery Tray
  • Direct servo drive


  • Main Blade Length: 625-645mm (5mm blade bolt)
  • Tail Blade Length: 95-105mm
  • Main Gear: Helical 130 Tooth Mod 1
  • Flat Gear: 113 Tooth Flat Gear
  • Tail Miter Gears: Plastic 22 Tooth Mod 1
  • Rotor System – 9mm cross shaft, 2.5mm pushrods, fully ball raced – standard in Ballistic Line
  • Tail rotor System – Aluminum tube drive – standard in Ballistic Line


  • Metal motor mount with bearing pinion shaft support
  • Carbon Fiber Frames
  • Painted Fiberglass Canopy
  • Aluminum Tail Boom
  • Helical Main Gear
  • Carbon Tail Gear Box
  • Sliding Battery Tray
  • Boom Support Bridge
  • Velcro Straps
  • ESC Front/Top Mount
  • Boom-Mounted Tail Servo
  • Dual-Support Tail Control Arm


Order Numbers & Pricing: 


  • Rave Ballistic Airframe Kit



  • Rave Ballistic 700 Airframe Kit
  • Radix 625mm Main Blades
  • Radix 95mm Tail Blades


Recommended Setup

  • Blades – Radix 625 V2
  • Tail Baldes – Radix 95mm
  • Motor – Scorpion 4225-550 or 4035-560
  • Pinion – 13 tooth
  • ESC – Castle 120
  • Batteries – 12S – (3700 – 4000 mah)

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Is the 635 just a short 700?

Seems a lot of people have been asking lately, because they look so similar, so here are the differences:

  • They share about 90% of the same parts, but there are a few changes that make the 635 unique to the Ballistic line of helicopters.
  • The tail assembly IS a shortened version of the 700 as far as the boom, supports, torque tube and control rod. The canopy is the same as the 700, and the gears are the same.
  • The 635 offers a new and improved main frame for optimized 635 performance over using the standard Ballistic main frame with a shorter boom.
  • The auto unit has been optimized for the 635 as well, reducing weight and cost.

The bottom line is: If you own any of our high quality competition helis, you own about 90% of any of our other models already should you choose to convert.

Shops take up less space with our complete line than most helicopters use with one model. For example, a shop or customer can easily support 8 different Rave kits on one 8×8 foot wall of parts. Customers can keep spare parts for multiple helis in one stash.
You can’t beat the combination of performance, quality, price and versatility of a Curtis Youngblood product!



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