Radix Night Tails

Radix Night Tails

Radix Tail blades are light, rigid and CG corrected. Each length of our tail blades will give you optimum pirouette, holding and stopping power. 

All blades are pre-balanced and ready to fly.

Night Tail Blades fly as well as our regular blades, while adding that extra something to your night heli rig!



Blade Specs: 
  • Length: 106mm (bolt hole to tip)
  • Root: 5mm
  • Bolt Hole: 3mm


  • Blades optimized for flybarless 3D flying.
  • All blade sets are pre-balanced and ready to fly.
  • CF-switched LED Lights


Order Numbers & Pricing: 


  • 1 Pair of Radix Blades
  • 2 Batteries
  • Fishing Line
  • Instructions