Introducing our throttle governor, developed and flown by multi-time world champion Curtis Youngblood.

ATG – uses a hall affects sensor to monitor Engine RPM (compatible with Throttle Jockey) Note: it is not compatible with CSM sensors!! Comes with all hardware needed to use on 30 -90 size glow powered machines.


  • Rated to 12V


  • Dual Mode
  • Push Button Setup
  • RPM Indicator Lights
  • Small Slim Case
  • Compatible with G-View & G-View2


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  • Sensor
  • Magnet
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Zip Ties
  • Heat Shrink
  • Quick Programming Reference Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • Decals



How to tell the difference between ATG V1 and V2:

1.) V2 has a small blue dot on the packaging with a “2” on it. V1 does not.

2.) V2 has an addendum sheet included on the box titled “ATG version 2 Instruction Addendum”

3.) The unit themselves look the same, but they behave slightly different in programming so you can tell the difference.

  • After going through the quick setup, move the throttle to full low (make sure the throttle curve is full low, not just the stick). Now push the “P” button. This gets you into mode selection. Now push the “H” button.

    • ATG V1- has two options, light off=normal mode, Fast red/green flashing=Active mode.
    • ATG V2 – has three options, light off=normal mode, slow red/green flashing=dual model, fast red/green flashing=active model.
  • V1 and V2 get into the display mode differently. With V1 you hold down the “P” button while turning on the receiver. But with V2 you turn on the reviever first and then hold down the “P” button for 6 sec to get into display mode (just like the Solid G)