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Designs that set us apart

Anzen EG-1250

Heavy-Lift Hybrid Tandem Rotor

Sicura EG-1100

Gas or Electric Autonomous Helicopter


Job-specific for close-up inspections


Our everyday workhorse


Fast, steady flight


Single-motor, collective-pitch multirotor

About CJYE

A company built around a quality reputation
Developer of the world's first single motor collective pitch quadcopter

CJ Youngblood Enterprises Inc - Started in 1993 with the original Muscle Pipe muffler. CJYE has grown continuously to include many parts for the RC Helicopter market. Including many different product lines such as our Muscle Pipe (mufflers), Radix (blades), ATG (governor), Mini G (gyros), Total G (flight control system). We are continuously developing and releasing new products for the heli market at large.

Next D - A division of CJ Youngblood Enterprises Inc is a global corporation focused on the design and manufacture of the highest quality yet affordable RC Helicopters. We have many products in the Next D line - the Rave (450 size but can take up to 350 blades) and the Rave ENV & Ballistic (700 size). The Rave Ballistic 635 was the last helicopter we produced before we rolled out the world's first collective pitch quad-copter, the Stingray 500. The Stingray uses variable pitch props and a revolutionary new flight control system (TG Multi) developed by Curtis and his dad to obtain sustained 3D flght.

As technology advanced, owner Curtis Youngblood expanded his business into aerial inspections with Texas Drone Professionals. The lack of innovation in the industrial market led to us developing platforms for our own industrial needs. We offer these platforms tailored to your needs in many form factors including multi-rotors, helicopters and planes. We can also collaborate with you to design a custom application platform.

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