Rave Ballistic (635)

  • Thinner and smaller profile frame layout. Lighter weight, with the standard Ballistic bolt pattern. Cross compatibility with entire Ballistic line.
  • New, lighter and less expensive Autorotation unit. Standard Ballistic bolt pattern while saving weight and cost. Compatible with all Ballistic main gears.
  • Shorter Tail setup/assembly to fit 635 layout
  • Lighter carbon fins and bracket. Standard Ballistic bolt pattern. Cross compatibility with entire Ballistic line.
  • Fully upgradable to Machined Helical main gear
  • Fully upgradable to Steel Helical tail gears
  • Electric Specific design
  • Sliding Battery Tray
  • Direct servo drive


  • Main Blade Length: 625-645mm (5mm blade bolt)
  • Tail Blade Length: 95-105mm
  • Main Gear: Helical 130 Tooth Mod 1
  • Flat Gear: 113 Tooth Flat Gear
  • Tail Miter Gears: Plastic 22 Tooth Mod 1
  • Rotor System - 9mm cross shaft, 2.5mm pushrods, fully ball raced - standard in Ballistic Line
  • Tail rotor System - Aluminum tube drive - standard in Ballistic Line


  • Metal motor mount with bearing pinion shaft support
  • Carbon Fiber Frames
  • Painted Fiberglass Canopy
  • Aluminum Tail Boom
  • Helical Main Gear
  • Carbon Tail Gear Box
  • Sliding Battery Tray
  • Boom Support Bridge
  • Velcro Straps
  • ESC Front/Top Mount
  • Boom-Mounted Tail Servo
  • Dual-Support Tail Control Arm


Order Numbers & Pricing: 


  • Rave Ballistic Airframe Kit



  • Rave Ballistic 700 Airframe Kit
  • Radix 625mm Main Blades
  • Radix 95mm Tail Blades


Recommended Setup

  • Blades - Radix 625 V2
  • Tail Baldes - Radix 95mm
  • Motor - Scorpion 4225-550 or 4035-560
  • Pinion - 13 tooth
  • ESC - Castle 120
  • Batteries - 12S - (3700 - 4000 mah)

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Is the 635 just a short 700?

Seems a lot of people have been asking lately, because they look so similar, so here are the differences:

  • They share about 90% of the same parts, but there are a few changes that make the 635 unique to the Ballistic line of helicopters.
  • The tail assembly IS a shortened version of the 700 as far as the boom, supports, torque tube and control rod. The canopy is the same as the 700, and the gears are the same.
  • The 635 offers a new and improved main frame for optimized 635 performance over using the standard Ballistic main frame with a shorter boom.
  • The auto unit has been optimized for the 635 as well, reducing weight and cost.

The bottom line is: If you own any of our high quality competition helis, you own about 90% of any of our other models already should you choose to convert.

Shops take up less space with our complete line than most helicopters use with one model. For example, a shop or customer can easily support 8 different Rave kits on one 8x8 foot wall of parts. Customers can keep spare parts for multiple helis in one stash.
You can't beat the combination of performance, quality, price and versatility of a Curtis Youngblood product!



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